One Sad Person


Have you ever felt so lonely that it hurt, that when you look around and all you see are happy couples, seeing them smile and just look so in love and you ask yourself why you can’t be part of that couple, than you know how I’ve felt all my life

I know I could never keep the love of my life, I already knew it from the start, because nothing good ever happens to me, why can’t I be the lucky guy for once in my life, why can’t I have what I want just once

I am not perfect, I admit it and yes, I make my mistakes and I even lie sometimes, but haven’t I been punished enough, isn’t being all my life alone and losing the love of my life enough for the bad things I’ve done and you should know that I even lied to you.. once, because I didn’t know the answer.

Since I have a lot of time to think during the day I ask myself if it was all worth it, give away my heart, get my heart back broken and now it got attacked, and on top of that being alone is slowly consuming me, nothing is as bad as being alone, that’s why everyone is together, that why there are so many happy couples, that’s why there is just one sad person

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