The Story Of A Heart


”You will remember it all you life when you meet a person that fits you so, so well that you want to tell her everything and want to share everything with her, that life seems nothing but a party and that it doesn’t matter where she is, where she is from, if she is rich or poor or is cute or not, you know you want to be there so bad that it physically hurts that you aren’t there.

A person that has a listening ear for you and where you can spill all your problems without being judged for them, where that person tries to be the best for you and make you happy every single way she can, even tough she isn’t perfect she tries to be perfect for you just to make you happy and feel good

Every moment I was with you it was like a dream, the way we could talk the talk, how the connection between us was so strong from the beginning, that every morning we smiled together when we imagined everything we wanted to, that we loved each other already from the beginning and that you made me feel the way no one has ever done before and I can still feel you inside my heart, I hear your voice in my head telling me everything will be alright while it isn’t, but just to hear it makes me feel better, my heart still plays our story when I feel sad, just like it did when I wasn’t here and in the moments I wanted to give up, your voice made me continue my way

But like every good story, there is a sad part too… what happens when 2 people love each other with all their heart but can never be together,
”Our story hasn’t ended yet, our story is always writing something new when the ends starts to come near, so just believe me when I say that there will always be a little bit of me with you all your life” even tough there are moments we will be lonely and alone in a room, inside we will never be alone again, no matter what life brings us, my heart will never forget our story .

It isn’t fair that the true hearts can’t be together always, that the cheaters and the people that don’t love each other can be together but that’s the way love is, when you find someone that makes you sing you just have to do more afford to get what is really just your to have, you can just give your heart to one person.

What the future will bring to you is happiness, I know it and won’t stand in your way for you to find it because I wish you all the happiness in the world even tough it means that I can’t give it to you.

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